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Grilled Cheese

2017-02-18 17:57:51 by FlamingIceCubeNG

This was clickbait. Sorry


I hate you all


Ludum Dare 38

2017-01-30 14:51:13 by FlamingIceCubeNG

Ok, so im just going to get right into it. Im going to be in the Ludum Dare 38 game jam. People are probably tired of me talking about game jams and crap but...


I hate you all.


One more post about ludum dare 37. My game is done. Its out. Play it. Now. Here. Click it. Seriously. (youdonthavetoifyoudontwantto) 


I hate you all


Hey guys, I am in the Ludum Dare 37 (*kevin smith*) Game Jam and making a game where you are part of a test in a lab. (portal anyone?)

anyways, Im just here to say that the game will go live here and on ludum dare's website. Look foward to it dropping in a few hours. 

I hate you all.



Hey, Im here now!

2016-12-07 04:53:11 by FlamingIceCubeNG

Welcome to the Flaming IceCube Entertainment Newgrounds page!